Statewide Quality Advisory Committee (SQAC)


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Standard Quality Measure Set (SQMS)

The SQAC advises CHIA on the creation of the Standard Quality Measure Set (SQMS), which is updated annually.

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SQAC Members

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The executive director of CHIA chairs the Statewide Quality Advisory Committee (SQAC). The mission of the SQAC is to advise all branches of state government regarding the alignment of health care performance metrics and the efficient collection and uniform reporting of the Standard Quality Measure Set in order to support improvement in the health status of the residents of the Commonwealth.

The Statewide Quality Advisory Committee (SQAC) was created by MGL Chapter 12C, §14, as enacted through Chapter 224 of the Acts of 2012. Learn more about the SQAC Statute and bylaws

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2017 Meeting Cycle

Final Report


October 16, 2017


September 18, 2017


June 26, 2017


April 24, 2017


2016 Meeting Cycle

Final Report


October 31, 2016


April 11, 2016


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