What's New in Massachusetts Health Care

  • DataMatters highlights and contextualizes CHIA's recent research.

    Check out our new data releases, our data user profile, events of interest, and a selection of our employment opportunities.

  • The Emergency Department Dashboard presents key information about emergency departments in Massachusetts.

    The customizable dashboard features sections on the most common diagnoses and visits associated with behavioral health conditions.

  • Hospital Profiles provide information on the services, payer mix, utilization trends and financial performance for the acute and non-acute hospitals in the Commonwealth.

    The online dashboard is designed to let users create customizable analyses by individual hospital and hospital health system.

  • CHIA is fielding the Massachusetts Health Insurance Survey (MHIS). This survey helps CHIA, policymakers, and other stakeholders track and monitor the experiences of Massachusetts residents in receiving timely and affordable health care.

    Did you receive CHIA’s survey letter? Click here to begin the survey.

  • CHIA's Annual Report on the Performance of the Massachusetts Health Care System examines trends in costs, coverage, and quality indicators to inform Massachusetts policymaking.

    This year’s report includes new sections on behavioral health, telehealth, and the impact of COVID-19.

Link to CHIA's COVID-19 Data and Analysis

In order to give insight into COVID-19's impact on the Massachusetts health care system, CHIA has begun implementing two new additional health care information and analysis initiatives.

CHIA's new monthly hospital and health system financial performance reporting offers current acute care hospital financial metrics including total margins, operating revenue and expenses, and the impact of federal COVID-19 Relief Funds. Additionally, CHIA’s new monthly enrollment summaries measure the impact of the pandemic on insurance coverage in the Commonwealth including private commercial plans, MassHealth, and Medicare.