What's New in Massachusetts Health Care

  • CHIA has released the HFY 2022 Annual Massachusetts Acute Hospital and Health System Financial Performance Report.

    This publication reports on profitability, liquidity, and solvency of hospital health systems and their affiliated acute hospitals.

  • Two things distinguish CHIA in the pursuit of improving the Massachusetts health care system: our public-interest perspective, and our unique data sets.

    The September 2023 issue of DataMatters highlights data sets used to produce hospital financial performance reports and hospital and health system profiles.

  • CHIA recently published a new report as part of its health care equity series.

    Hospital Utilization in Massachusetts: An Assessment by Race & Ethnicity looks at the differences in acute care utilization including inpatient discharges and emergency visits.

  • Relative Price (RP) facilitates comparison of average provider prices while accounting for differences in patient acuity, service types, and different insurance products.

    CHIA's latest report includes an interactive dashboard enabling exploration into relative prices for Massachusetts hospitals and physician groups.

Link to CHIA's COVID-19 Data and Analysis

In order to give insight into COVID-19's impact on the Massachusetts health care system, CHIA has begun implementing two new additional health care information and analysis initiatives.

CHIA's new monthly hospital and health system financial performance reporting offers current acute care hospital financial metrics including total margins, operating revenue and expenses, and the impact of federal COVID-19 Relief Funds. Additionally, CHIA’s new monthly enrollment summaries measure the impact of the pandemic on insurance coverage in the Commonwealth including private commercial plans, MassHealth, and Medicare.