What's New in Massachusetts Health Care

  • CHIA’s just released it latest DataMatters. This periodic newsletter highlights all our recent reports and data sets, as well as the many ways in which CHIA’s data assets are used.

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  • CHIA is currently surveying a sample of residents for a report on health care in the Commonwealth. This survey is a way for CHIA to gather information about health care experiences in Massachusetts and is voluntary and completely confidential.

    CHIA will be releasing an aggregated report of the results in a publication early next year.

  • CHIA published its latest report on Massachusetts Acute Hospital and Health System Financial Performance.

    This report provides a quarterly update on profitability, liquidity, and solvency for the fiscal year-to-date period ending March 31, 2021.






  • This new research brief presents information on unmet health-related social needs (HRSNs) across Massachusetts and among population groups facing economic and health care barriers. 

    This brief addresses an important gap in the understanding of unmet needs by providing much-needed data for the Commonwealth.








  • CHIA has published an update on provider price variation in the Massachusetts commercial health insurance market, facilitating comparison of average provider prices.

    This report also includes an interactive dashboard with provider-specific and payer-specific results.

  • CHIA is currently fielding the Massachusetts Employer Survey (MES), a survey of employers that tracks and monitors health insurance offerings, employee take-up rates, plan characteristics, cost-sharing and employer decision making. Invited employers can complete the survey here.

    Learn more about the survey and CHIA’s research.




  • The Annual Report on the Performance of the Massachusetts Health Care System calculates the Commonwealth's Total Health Care Expenditures in comparison to the cost growth benchmark.

    This comprehensive report also explores trends in other key health care cost, coverage, and quality indicators.

  • CHIA is currently maintaining a remote workplace. Although we have temporarily closed our physical office, CHIA is continuing our operations.

    You can still connect with us during regular business hours, 8:45 - 5:00, Monday through Friday. Stay safe and be well!



Link to CHIA's COVID-19 Data and Analysis

In order to give insight into COVID-19's impact on the Massachusetts health care system, CHIA has begun implementing two new additional health care information and analysis initiatives.

CHIA's new monthly hospital and health system financial performance reporting offers current acute care hospital financial metrics including total margins, operating revenue and expenses, and the impact of federal COVID-19 Relief Funds. Additionally, CHIA’s new monthly enrollment summaries measure the impact of the pandemic on insurance coverage in the Commonwealth including private commercial plans, MassHealth, and Medicare.