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Please Note: Requests for MassHealth rate setting records, such as rate sheets, rate letters, and rate calculation and methodology records should be directed to the Executive Office of Health and Human Services by visiting the following link: or sending an email to:

Public Records
Available Online

CHIA Data Available via
Public Record Request

  • Adult Day Health Cost Reports
  • Adult Foster Care Cost Reports
  • Ambulance and Chair Car Services Cost Reports
  • Group Adult Foster Care Cost Reports
  • Community Health Center Cost Reports
  • Hospital Cost Reports (prior to 2016)
  • Hospital Charge Book Data
  • Hospital Financial Performance Data
  • Hospital and Other Provider Financial Statements
  • Long Term Care Facilities (Prior to 2020)
    Please Note: The 2020 and 2021 Nursing Facility cost reports are available via the CHIA website here. Nursing Facility cost reports for other years as well as the nursing facility management company and realty company cost reports for all years are available via a public record request.
  • Nursing Services Cost Reports
  • Please note: Public records requests concerning the Betsy Lehman Center are available via the Center for Health Information and Analysis.

Questions / Need Help?

The Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA) encourages you to download the form below to make a public records request (PRR).  This helps to ensure the most expeditious and accurate response to your request. Otherwise, written requests may be delivered by hand, mail, email or fax (if available).  While requests for public records may be made orally in person to CHIA's Records Access Officer (RAO), such requests may not be the subject of an appeal. Telephone requests may be accepted at the discretion of the RAO.

CHIA has designated the following employee as the Primary Records Access Officer (RAO) who will assist requesters in fulfilling their requests.


Ms. Corine Peach, Primary RAO
Center for Health Information and Analysis
ATTN CHIA Public Records
501 Boylston Street, 5th floor
Boston, MA 02116-4734

Phone: 617-701-8105


Please complete CHIA's Public Record Request Form (PDF) and email the completed document directly to  Only questions pertaining to the PRR process or a PRR status should be sent to the email account of the Primary RAO.

Please note that CHIA does not perform individualized analyses nor does CHIA tailor the format or presentation of data in response to specific inquiries. Data is also available from CHIA via both the MA APCD and Case Mix databases.  Please see the CHIA data index for more information on all the data sets available from CHIA.

Search and administrative fees may be charged in connection with a public record request for the efforts of CHIA staff locating requested records. Fees for both public records and certain data requests may be paid online through the CHIA Payment Center.

Public Record Request Tips

Consider how you can narrow the scope of your request to expedite the production process.  The first four hours of work performed to respond to a PRR will be performed at no cost.  After that, CHIA may charge up to $25 per hour.  

Public agencies must adhere to the law requiring them to secure personally identifiable information and prevent unwarranted invasions of privacy.  Documents containing such information will be redacted before releasing, expanding time needed for production.  Please consider how you might revise your request to exclude records containing such information.