Health System Performance

CHIA monitors and reports on a wide variety of health care indicators in Massachusetts to help legislators, policymakers, payers, and providers improve quality, affordability, access, and outcomes in the health care system.

The Annual Report on the Performance of the Massachusetts Health Care System serves as the basis for ongoing review of the health care market and for measuring the progress of the state’s cost containment efforts. It includes the Commonwealth’s Total Health Care Expenditures calculation along with several other key indicators. This year's report includes a new chapter on health care affordability that presents a consumer-centric picture of rising health care costs and its downstream implications, as well as a section and interactive dashboard that provides comparative insights into how medical spending varies by community demographics.

In May 2024, CHIA, in collaboration with Massachusetts Health Quality Partners (MHQP), published an interactive dashboard to monitor the health of the primary care system in the Commonwealth. A high-functioning primary care system can lead to better patient outcomes, lower costs, and more equitable care.

Also in May 2024, CHIA produced the results from the Massachusetts Health Care Workforce Survey (MHCW). This publication collected critical information on labor participation, workforce needs, recruitment and retention challenges, and policy opportunities to help address the workforce crisis.

And while Massachusetts has made significant strides to mitigate barriers to access and affordability through legislative reforms and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), substantial disparities persist among specific subpopulations in health insurance coverage, access, utilization, and affordability. Using data from multiple sources, CHIA seeks to prioritize the collection and analysis of reliable and meaningful health care information on subpopulations to inform policymakers, health care providers, payers, and other industry partners on health equity.

CHIA's Massachusetts Hospital Profiles contain financial health metrics and quality metrics for individual hospitals. This publication also includes financial information for each of the multi-acute hospital systems in the Commonwealth.