Health System Performance

CHIA monitors and reports on a wide variety of health care indicators in Massachusetts to help legislators, policymakers, payers, and providers improve quality, affordability, access, and outcomes in the health care system.

The Annual Report on the Performance of the Massachusetts Health Care System serves as the basis for ongoing review of the health care market and for measuring the progress of the state’s cost containment efforts. It includes the Commonwealth’s Total Health Care Expenditures calculation along with several other key indicators.

In January 2023, CHIA, in collaboration with Massachusetts Health Quality Partners (MHQP), published Massachusetts’ first-ever dashboard of metrics to monitor the health of the primary care system in the Commonwealth. A high-functioning primary care system can lead to better patient outcomes, lower costs, and more equitable care.

Standard Statistics is a set of health care metrics that measure the performance of the Massachusetts health care system. Taken from its unique data sets, CHIA presents statistics on health care spending, insurance coverage, and acute hospital financial performance and utilization.

CHIA publishes Massachusetts Hospital Profiles that contain financial health metrics and quality metrics for individual hospitals. This publication also includes financial information for each of the multi-acute hospital systems in the Commonwealth.

Hospital readmissions are a central issue in efforts to improve health care quality and reduce costs. Readmissions being a costly and potentially preventable problem that impacts patient health and experience of care both nationally and in Massachusetts.