Massachusetts Healthcare Workforce Survey

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Massachusetts is experiencing unprecedented labor shortages in health care, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, the lack of diversity in the health care workforce adversely affects the health outcomes of people of color. These distinct, but related issues of workforce capacity and diversity have clear consequences for access to care, quality of care, cost, and health outcomes.

As the agency of record for health care information in Massachusetts, CHIA announces the Massachusetts Health Care Workforce Survey (MHCW), a new annual survey of provider organizations across select health care sectors that will collect critical information on labor participation, workforce needs, recruitment and retention challenges, and policy opportunities to help address the workforce crisis.

The MHCW will provide policymakers, provider associations, health care systems, and other stakeholders with systematically collected data to allow for a better understanding of the workforce challenges statewide, as well as across sectors and geographic regions. Additionally, the MHCW will document previously unavailable data on the racial and ethnic composition of the Massachusetts health care workforce, contributing necessary data to help address issues of health care equity in the workforce.

Message from CHIA's Executive Director, Lauren Peters

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