Hospital and Other Provider Data

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Massachusetts All Payer Claims Database (MA APCD)

The MA APCD is a database comprised of: medical, pharmacy, and dental claims, as well as information about member eligibility, providers, and insurance coverage. The MA APCD promotes transparency and affords a deeper understanding of the Massachusetts health care system by providing health care providers, health plans, and academicians a consistent source of care patterns analyses and statewide metrics for cost, quality, and access. Learn more


Hospital Case Mix

The Massachusetts Acute Hospital Case Mix Database (Case Mix) is a database comprised of: inpatient, outpatient and emergency department data. Acute Hospital Case Mix data includes case specific, diagnostic discharge data that describe socio-demographic characteristics of the patient, the medical reason for the admission, treatment and services provided to the patient, the duration and status of the patient's stay in the hospital, and the full, undiscounted total and service-specific charges billed by the hospital. Learn more


Hospitals and Other Health Providers

CHIA collects and maintains large detailed datasets from hospitals and other health care providers across the Commonwealth. CHIA offers a variety of analytic products using this data to support information transparency, cost containment, and quality improvement in the health care system. Certain hospital and other provider information is publicly available, certain information may only be accessed through an application process, and other information may not be available as a public record. Please email or call regarding availability of this information.  Hospital and Long Term Care Facility cost reports can be accessed online. This remaining data is available via a public record request.


Payments and Expenditures Data

CHIA collects health care cost and payment information from health care payers and providers to conduct a variety of studies, including analyses of total medical expenses in the Commonwealth, variation in price levels among providers for health care services, payment methods and levels among providers, and health care market concentration.This data originates directly from all health payers in the Commonwealth. Please email or call regarding availability of this information. This data may be accessed via a public record request.

  • Total Medical Expenses

  • Total Health Care Expenditures

  • Alternative Payment Methods

  • Provider Payment Methods

  • Relative Price

  • Network Average Relative Price Dollar Amount


Insurance and Coverage Data

Enrollment and premium data from commercial health insurance payers enables the Commonwealth to monitor changes in the cost and benefit levels of health insurance products as well as the spending of premium dollars by payers for their members over time. This data may be accessed via the current and historical databooks on the CHIA website. Please see the links below: