COVID-19 Data & Analysis

Massachusetts continues to respond aggressively to COVID-19 and strives to keep all Massachusetts residents updated, informed, and safe during this challenging time. In order to provide timely insight into the impact of COVID-19, CHIA has currently implemented two additional health care information and analysis reporting initiatives for Massachusetts policymakers, public and private payers and providers, employers, researchers.

To provide insight into the impact of COVID-19 on insurance coverage, CHIA is now producing monthly enrollment data summaries by key market sectors. This new report series is in addition to CHIA's regular biannual Enrollment Trends reports. CHIA intends to continue this reporting on a monthly basis as the impact of COVID-19 is further felt across insurance categories and market sectors. CHIA's enrollment monitoring is produced using the MA APCD, supplemented with additional data from commercial payers, the Massachusetts Health Connector, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Additionally, CHIA has begun publishing a monthly analysis of Massachusetts acute hospital and health system financial performance. This new monthly report provides an overview of the results of operations for 38 participating acute hospitals and 11 health systems and the financial impact of COVID-19 on hospital health care operations, in addition to the implementation of federal COVID-related funding. This publication is in addition to CHIA’s regular quarterly and annual reports hospital and health system financial performance.