Information for Data Submitters: Resident Care Facility Cost Reports

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2020 Cost Reports

  • CHIA is deploying all Resident Care Facility cost reports on March 29, 2021. These cost reports were to be submitted to CHIA by Friday, June 4, 2021.


  • REMINDER: Please ensure that any new users have been properly added by submitting updates to the Nursing Facility Information Form and submitting the Nursing Facility User Agreement Form. These forms are available on the Nursing Facility Cost Reports page.


CHIA collects Resident Care Facility Cost Reports and other facility information on an annual basis. These reports are used by CHIA and other public entities for monitoring costs and for health care payment policy development. 


Filing Application

Resident Care Facilities must submit HCF-2-RH, HCF-3, and HCF-4 cost reports in accordance with 957 CMR 6.00 and the filing requirements in the cost report forms and instructions, which can be found below. Facilities are encouraged to email report submissions to in PDF format instead of mailing two paper copies of these reports to CHIA.

Please Note:

The name of the PDF file must include the name of the facility or entity and cost report type (HCF-2-RH, HCF-3, or HCF-4).

If you are mailing paper copies of the HCF-2-RH, HCF-3, or HCF-4 cost reports, two (2) copies of the reports must be mailed to:

Center for Health Information and Analysis
Health Services Pricing Group
501 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116



For questions, please contact CHIA’s Pricing Cost Report Help Desk (617) 701-8297 or at