Information for Data Submitters: Nursing Facility Cost Reports

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Submission Deadline

  • CHIA deployed all nursing facility cost report information on Monday, June 29, 2020.

  • These cost reports must be submitted to CHIA by Wednesday, September 30, 2020.


CHIA collects Nursing Facility Cost Reports on an annual basis. The reports are used by CHIA and other public entities for monitoring costs and for health care payment policy development. Nursing facilities must submit these cost reports in accordance with 957 CMR 7.00 and the filing requirements set out in the cost report forms and instructions.


Filing Application

Historically, nursing facilities submitted all cost reporting through INET, CHIA’s web-based transaction service. Each entity must file a Non-Confidential Data Security Agreement. Cost report submitters must also complete a CHIA INET User Agreement for Nursing Facilities if they have not already done so.

Please see CHIA Submissions and INET Questions and Answers for more complete information for registration information. Completed INET forms may be submitted to


Nursing Facility Cost Report Forms and Instructions for Reporting Year 2019

Nursing Facility Cost Report


Realty Company Cost Report


Management Company


User and Data Security Agreement Forms 



For assistance with the nursing facility cost report, please email CHIA's Pricing Cost Report Help Desk