Government Agency Case Mix Requests

Case Mix Application Materials

This webpage provides step-by-step instructions for government entities who would like to apply for CHIA's Case Mix data. 


If, after reviewing the application information and resources in the blue box to the right and the instructions below, you need additional help with your application or if you have any other Case Mix questions, please email



APCD Gov Steps


Formulate the Data Request; Review the Security Questions; Review the Template Data Use Agreement

Prior to submitting a Case Mix request to CHIA, Government Agencies are encouraged to review the Data Request Form and the template Data Use Agreement and to identify any questions they may have about legal requirements.  CHIA staff will work to resolve any initial questions and will:

  • Help government agencies identify the best ways to tailor their Data Requests to maximize the appropriate use of CHIA data;
  • Provide guidance regarding data privacy and security requirements;
  • Provide general information about the potential uses – and limitations on uses – of CHIA’s data products; and
  • Assist with IRBNet, which is used for submitting applications.

For information about how to maximize the appropriate use of CHIA data please email


Step 2: Submit a Data Request

Government Agencies are asked to submit a written Data Request Form using IRBNet.  An IRB.Net account can be created through and affiliated with the Massachusetts Center for Health Information and Analysis once logged in. 

After an initial screening to ensure the Data Request is complete, and that the requester is seeking the appropriate dataset(s) for the draft request, the request will be forwarded to CHIA’s Legal Unit to review for compliance with legal requirements.   


Step 3: Consult with Technical Specialists, as Needed, During Review of Data Request

CHIA Legal will assign a Technical Specialist with expertise in data privacy to review the application materials.  As needed, the Technical Specialist will work with requesters to refine data requests to ensure they meet legal requirements.  The length of this review period depends on the complexity of the request and the sensitivity of the data sought.  

A Data Request will be referred to CHIA’s Data Privacy Committee when the technical specialist has sufficient information to make a recommendation as to whether the data requested are the minimum necessary to achieve the proposed objectives, as required by M.G.L. c. 12C.  The information may include, among other things, a description of the specific uses of the Case Mix data, the proposed research methodology, and information regarding proposed linkages. 

Government Agencies seeking direct patient identifiers and other highly sensitive data from the Case Mix datasets also may be required to submit a letter from their General Counsel attesting to the agency’s statutory authority to obtain and use such data for the purposes described in the agency’s Data Request.


Step 4: Compliance Review by CHIA

A compliance review will be conducted within CHIA Legal to confirm that the requested release of data is consistent with 957 CMR 5.03, which governs release of Case Mix data to Government Agencies. The Executive Director grants final approval for release as appropriate.


Step 5: Execute a Data Use Agreement

After a request is approved by the Executive Director, a Data Use Agreement must be executed prior to the release of Case Mix data. Please watch a short video, Data Use Obligations of Recipients of CHIA Data, intended for researchers holding and using CHIA confidential data.


Step 6: Data Released

IT processes the data extract.Once the extract is completed, CHIA ships the data extract with the final approval letter signed by the Executive Director to the data recipient.