Data Release Committee

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The Data Release Committee (“DRC”) advises CHIA on best practices regarding data release, data security, and data protection. The DRC includes representatives from health care plans, health care providers, health care provider organizations, and consumers.

The DRC usually convenes at the end of each month to review applications for discretionary release of APCD and Case Mix data. The DRC makes non-binding recommendations to CHIA’s Executive Director regarding whether applicants have met the criteria for release.

Data Release Committee Members

  • Jim Courtemanche, Massachusetts Health Quality Partners
  • Elisabeth Daley, 1199 SEIU
  • Dionne Graham, Children's Hospital, Boston
  • Karen Granoff, Massachusetts Hospital Association
  • Marion Freedman-Gurspa, Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
  • John Hsu, Harvard Medical School
  • Richard Massarelli, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
  • Catherine Moore, Group Insurance Commission
  • Candace Nelson, Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health
  • Charles Murphy, Neighborhood Health Plan
  • David Szabo, Edwards, Wildman, Palmer, LLP