Prescription Drug Rebate Data Submission

Reporting Resources

Submission Deadline

September 16, 2020 CY2018 Final
CY2019 Preliminary


M.G.L. c. 12C, § 16(a) requires that CHIA “consider the effect of drug rebates and other price concessions in the aggregate without disclosure of any product or manufacturer-specific rebate or price concession information, and without limiting or otherwise affecting the confidential or proprietary nature of any rebate or price” when detailing cost growth trends in its annual report.


Filing Application

Payers must submit data annually in accordance with Administrative Bulletin 17-03 and regulation 957 CMR 2.00. For more information on filing deadlines and regulatory guidance, please refer to Regulation 957 CMR 2.00 (Payer Data Reporting) and the latest Administrative Bulletins.



For questions specifically related to prescription drug rebate reporting, please email Erin Bonney at Erin.Bonney@MassMail.State.MA.US. Please include the subject line "Prescription Drug Rebate Data Submission."