Interactive Data and Analysis

Many of CHIA's recent reports include online interactive dashboards to help better visualize data and perform customizable analyses.

For example, to advance transparency, CHIA created an interactive prescription drug use and spending dashboard for exploring prescription drug spending as well as the associated conditions these drugs treat. For this analysis, CHIA used a subset of commercial pharmacy claims from our All Payer Claims Database (APCD) to identify high volume and high cost drugs.

CHIA also recently developed a dashboard for each of the Commonwealth's 393 nursing facilities that lets users delve into areas such as financial margins, occupancy, and nursing hours.

Online interactive technology also allows for efficient and extensive profiling and analysis into both acute and non-acute hospitals across Massachusetts, Additionally, our Focus on Provider Quality efforts lets users easily research into topics like medication safety, maternity-related care, and potentially preventable hospital admissions.

CHIA looks to continue and expand the use of online tools in its reporting to help policymakers, insurers, health care providers, employers, and researchers more easily explore CHIA’s comprehensive data resources. 

The interactive applications outlined and linked below promote transparency and a better understanding of the Massachusetts health care system.