Information for Data Submitters: Acute Hospital EHRD Dataset

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CHIA collects hospital data on patient demographics, diagnoses and procedures, physicians, and charges for each inpatient discharge, outpatient observation stay, and emergency department visit in Massachusetts. Hospitals submit data in accordance with the requirements of the Data Submission Specification Manuals, which set forth the file format, record specifications, data elements, definitions, code tables, and edit specifications for each database.

Additionally, CHIA will begin quarterly collection of certain (Electronic Health Record Data) EHRD data. This data will be shared with MassHealth in an Enhanced Demographics Data File in support of the MassHealth health equity program.


Register to Submit EHRD Data to CHIA

New users must register to submit data via CHIA’s web-based transaction services. To register, each individual user filing for an organization must complete a Hospital User Agreement and email the completed agreement to



CHIA hosted two webinars to review the EHRD file submission guide. Please see the webinar presentation and the updated EHRD Supplemental Document for more information.


Questions and Comments

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