MA APCD Application Documents

APCD Fee Schedule

Data Use Agreement for All Protect Health Information (PHI)


Data Management Plan for Use of CHIA Data


Application Materials for Government Entities Requesting APCD Data:


Application Materials for Non-Government Entities Requesting APCD Data:

Please Note:

CHIA accepts applications from providers, payers, researchers and other government entities for use of the APCD in public policy research. Although infrequent, CHIA has received several applications from market participants requesting the payment data of their competitors.  

CHIA is currently developing a transparency agenda that, as envisioned, would make publicly available without application unprecedented levels of procedure pricing data. While developing this transparency agenda in consultation with providers, payers, researchers, and other government agencies, CHIA has acknowledged an open question around how much pricing information can be released without deleterious effects on the Massachusetts health care market.

CHIA will, therefore, temporarily suspend approval of applications for APCD data from market participants requesting the payment data of their competitors while this question is being considered.  CHIA will notify the applicant community once a final determination has been made.

Note: Case Mix application documents are located here.