Massachusetts Primary Care Dashboard

primary care dashboard (Updated 2-1-2023)

CHIA, in collaboration with Massachusetts Health Quality Partners (MHQP), has published Massachusetts’ first-ever dashboard of metrics to monitor the health of the primary care system in the Commonwealth. 

The dashboard measures the health of primary care along four domains:

  • Finance – metrics focused on spending for primary care services 

  • Capacity – metrics focused on the primary care workforce and pipeline 

  • Performance – metrics focused on access and care  

  • Equity – metrics focused on assessing inequities in the primary care system 


The dashboard provides baseline data for each metric, with plans to track additional measures in future iterations. 

Massachusetts Primary Care Dashboard

A high-functioning primary care system can lead to better patient outcomes, lower costs, and more equitable care. Access to these services improves overall population health and may reduce avoidable emergency department visits. Health care leaders have expressed concerns about the health and sustainability of primary care in Massachusetts, especially in the wake of the pandemic which caused unprecedented disruptions across all health care settings. 

CHIA and MHQP developed this dashboard to create a factual foundation to support policy initiatives. This primary care dashboard will track the key areas of finance, capacity, performance, and equity.

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