Massachusetts Health Care Workforce Survey

Health Care Work Force Survey


Massachusetts health and human service providers are experiencing unprecedented workforce shortages. Additionally, the lack of diversity in the health care workforce adversely affects the health outcomes of people of color. These distinct, but related issues of workforce capacity and diversity have clear consequences for access to care, quality of care, cost, and health outcomes.

CHIA launched its first Massachusetts Health Care Workforce Survey (MHCW) in May 2023 to collect information on staffing capacity and diversity across 10 key sectors. The data collected in this survey aim to provide a critical fact base to inform policies and programs and support ongoing monitoring of workforce trends in the health and human service sectors.

The inaugural survey completed fielding in January 2024. Sector-specific and cross-sector results are now available in the dashboard below

The human services survey begins fielding on July 8, 2024. 

Updated May 22, 2024