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2018 Massachusetts Employer Survey


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Read CHIA’s new research brief, Offering and Enrollment in High Deductible Health Plans in Massachusetts Firms: Which Workers Can Offset Cost through a Savings Option?

Using the 2018 Massachusetts Employer Survey, this brief works to expand the understanding of employee access to and enrollment of high deductible health plan (HDHPs) at Massachusetts firms, with a focus on the availability of tax-deferred savings options (health savings accounts or health reimbursement accounts), in conjunction with HDHPs, as a resource to help employees offset costs.

The majority of Massachusetts residents obtain health insurance through their own or a family member’s employer. Employer-sponsored insurance shapes the health insurance markets in the state and impacts the demand for the state’s public insurance programs, including MassHealth.

The Massachusetts Employer Survey, an ongoing health insurance survey of employers, tracks and monitors employer health insurance offerings, employee take-up rates, cost-sharing, plan characteristics, and employer decision making. It was conducted on a biennial basis from 2001 through 2009; then in 2010, 2011, 2014, 2016, and 2018.

In order to provide a better understanding of the employer health insurance market in the Commonwealth, the 2018 MES has several key updates: inclusion of a panel sample to allow for longitudinal data analysis, additional questions regarding part-time workers’ health insurance benefits, and improved comparability of its key measures to national benchmarks.


Key Findings for the 2018 The Massachusetts Employer Survey
- Published June 2019


  • In 2018, 71% of Massachusetts employers offered health insurance to their employees, in comparison to the offer rate of 65% in 2016. This is higher than the national offer rate of 57%.


  • Among Massachusetts firms that offered health insurance in 2018, more than half of all employees (51%) were enrolled in their firms’ health insurance (coverage rate).


  • Of Massachusetts firms who offered health insurance, 36% offered insurance to their part-time employees. Overall, one in ten part-time employees enrolled in their employer’s health plan.


  • In Massachusetts, the 2018 average total monthly premium was $617 for single coverage and $1,687 for family coverage. The average percent employee contribution was 26% for single coverage and 30% for family coverage.


  • In 2018, two in five Massachusetts employees were enrolled in a high deductible health plan (HDHP), and one in five were enrolled in an HDHP with a Health Reimbursement Account or a Health Savings Account.


 2018 Health Insurance Offer Rates by Firm Size

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