Quality of Care in the Commonwealth

Quality Metric

CHIA monitors and reports on health care quality using measures selected from the Commonwealth’s Standard Quality Measure Set (SQMS), as well as other measures of interest to these stakeholders.

CHIA calculates performance on all-payer adult acute hospital readmissions by applying a standard methodology to the Massachusetts Hospital Inpatient Discharge Database.


For More Information on Quality of Care,
see CHIA's 2018 Annual Report

CHIA annual report 2018 cover

Information about health care quality is central to efforts by consumers, industry decision makers, policymakers, and others working toward realizing a common goal of high-value health care.

Quality information from CHIA's 2018 Annual Report on the Performance of the Massachusetts Health Care System, focuses on Massachusetts acute care hospitals and primary care providers. Selected metrics related to quality and safety cross different domains of quality assessment, reporting on patient perceptions of their own care experiences, hospital readmissions, maternity-related care, medication safety, and the incidence of health care-associated infections.


Key Findings from the 2018 Annual Report

  • Adult patient-reported experiences were very similar in 2016 and 2017, with highest scores for Provider Communication and lowest scores for Self-Management Support.


    • The unplanned, all-payer readmission rate for Massachusetts acute care hospitals was 15.9% in SFY 2016—the same rate as in the previous year.


      • Five of 32 reporting Massachusetts acute care hospitals fully met all three Leapfrog standards for reducing unnecessary maternity care.


          • In 2017, more hospitals performed better than predicted on measures of C. difficile, CAUTI, and MRSA than in 2016.


A Focus on Provider Quality (April 2018)

The 2018 edition of A Focus on Provider Quality includes a series of interactive graphics accessible on the webpage below. The report is also accompanied by:


    • a Databook, (including all available performance data on SQMS measures by medical group or hospital),



  • An Infographic which provides a visual representation of the report's information and data.


Below is a short video explaining how to work with the provider quality data through the user-friendly web application.

Please feel free to watch the video if you are not familiar with a Tableau interface or begin to directly explore the performances of an individual provider organization, health care system, or statewide level data.




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