Interactive Data and Analysis

Several of CHIA’s recent reports include interactive online tools to allow researchers to perform customizable online graphical analysis.

To better examine Massachusetts Nursing Facilities, CHIA developed an analytic dashboard profiling each of the 393 nursing facilities in the Commonwealth. This dashboard includes various financial margins, occupancy, and nursing hours per day. Provider price variation is displayed by hospital, hospital system, and hospital type while our hospital profiles dashboard shows descriptive and comparative information about each hospital's medical services, payer mix, utilization trends, cost trends, financial performance, and quality.

Enrollment Trends gives insights into health coverage in Massachusetts while our Focus on Provider Quality provides a range of information about medication safety, maternity-related care, potentially preventable hospital admissions, effective care processes, incidence of health care-associated infections and both hospital and primary care patient experiences.

Hospital-Specific Readmissions Profiles looks into each hospital's readmissions data and allows for comparisons between facilities and at the statewide level. An online nteractive map identifies geographical areas from which hospitals and hospital systems draw their patients.

CHIA looks to continue to use online tools in its future reporting to help policymakers, insurers, health care providers, employers, and researchers more easily explore CHIA’s comprehensive data resources.  The interactive applications outlined below promote transparency and a better understanding of the Massachusetts health care system.