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(Currently Available: Release 6.0 - Calendar Years 2012-2016)

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Currently Available:
Release 6.0 - Calendar Years 2012-2016

The Massachusetts All Payer Claims Database (MA APCD) is the most comprehensive source of health claims data from public and private payers in Massachusetts. With information on the vast majority of Massachusetts residents, the MA APCD promotes transparency, and affords a deep understanding of the Massachusetts health care system. 

CHIA's enabling statute allows for the collection of data from commercial payers, third party administrators and public programs (Medicare and MassHealth, Massachusetts’ Medicaid program).

Please visit CHIA’s Regulations page for more specific information.

These data sets come both from medical insurers and from specialty insurers and administrators of “carved-out” services including pharmacy, mental health/chemical dependency, dental, and vision.

It is used by health care providers, health plans, researchers, and others to address a wide variety of issues, including price variation, population health and quality measurement. 


As part of CHIA's continuing APCD quality assurance work, a series of payer-specific technical data profiles are available as a resource for APCD data users.

Please note: These dashboards do not contain protected health information.

How is MA APCD unique?

While several states have All Payer Claims Databases, the MA APCD has a unique focus on the efficiencies to be achieved by having a single independent agency – as opposed to multiple state agencies - collect data from payers.

CHIA offers the additional benefit of having the infrastructure to work collaboratively with payers to improve data quality and completeness and having the specialized staff needed to normalize data across payers to support cross-payer analyses.


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