What's New in Massachusetts Health Care

  • CHIA examines provider price variation in the commercial health insurance market by illustrating differences in prices paid to providers for the same set of services. CHIA also compares provider payments across commercial payers, while standardizing for differences in patient acuity, the types of services providers deliver to patients, and the different product types that payers offer their members.

  • CHIA reports on trends in hospital performance and utilization via two new publications: Hospital Profiles and the Patient Origins Map. Hospital Profiles provides information on hospital services, payer mix, utilization, and financial performance. The Patient Origins Map illustrates the distribution of inpatient discharges for each Massachusetts hospital system.

  • The Massachusetts Health Insurance Survey (MHIS) supplies information on health insurance coverage, health care access and use, and health care affordability for Massachusetts residents as part of CHIA’s Continuing Study on Insurance Coverage, Underinsurance and Uninsurance.

  • The 2017 Annual Report on the Performance of the Massachusetts Health Care System presents a calculation of the Commonwealth's Total Health Care Expenditures as well as additional indicators used to assess the performance of the health care system.

  • CHIA continues its research into employer-sponsored health insurance in the Commonwealth with The Benefits Divide: Workers at Lower-Wage Firms and Employer-Sponsored Insurance in Massachusetts research brief. As the low-wage workforce is growing, CHIA examines employer health insurance offerings, employee take-up rates, and cost-sharing.

  • Enrollment Trends offers new insights into changes in health insurance coverage in Massachusetts from September 2015 through September 2017. Coverage is defined as unique Massachusetts residents with primary medical membership in the 13 largest commercial payers, MassHealth (Medicaid), and Medicare.

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CHIA has produced several interactive maps of Massachusetts health care data. These maps allow researchers to better understand variations in health care spending and utilization by displaying recent data on a town-by-town or regional basis.