What's New in Massachusetts Health Care

  • CHIA reports on provider price variation in the MA commercial market, illustrating differences in prices paid to providers for the same set of services.

  • CHIA profiles hospital-specific readmissions, including patient and discharge characteristics, comparisons to similar hospitals, and statewide performance.

  • Enrollment Trends includes enrollment data from September 2014 through September 2016 and offers insights into changes in health insurance coverage in Massachusetts.

  • The Special Commission on Provider Price Variation was charged with identifying the acceptable and unacceptable factors contributing to price variation in physician, hospital, diagnostic testing, and ancillary services. CHIA was identified in statute as a supporting agency, along with the Health Policy Commission, to provide relevant data, analysis, and other support as needed.

  • CHIA provides summary level information on hospital organizations and their related health care entities, and further categorizes hospitals as components of parent organizations. This report highlights the importance of differentiating the financial health and status of acute care hospitals from the parent organizations as health systems evolve and expand.

  • Hospital Profiles provide descriptive and comparative information on acute and non-acute hospitals based on hospital characteristics, services, payer mix, utilization trends, cost trends, and financial performance.

  • The Massachusetts Employer Survey provides a valuable lens on the employer health insurance market, including information on employer health insurance offerings, employee take-up rates, cost-sharing, plan characteristics, and employer decision making.

Link to geographical analysis page

CHIA has produced several interactive maps of Massachusetts health care data. These maps allow researchers to better understand variations in health care spending and utilization by displaying recent data on a town-by-town or regional basis.