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FY19 Massachusetts Hospital Profiles
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CHIA has published the Massachusetts Hospital Profiles for FY 2019. Hospital Profiles provide descriptive and comparative information on acute and non-acute hospitals based on hospital characteristics, services, payer mix, utilization trends, cost trends, financial performance, and quality over a five-year period.

This latest edition of Hospital Profiles includes a series of interactive graphics found below. These profiles are accessible through a user-friendly web application that allows users to obtain data. This interactive dashboard consists of several different data visualizations that provide insight into the acute hospital industry for FY19. Users can obtain more detailed information by hovering their mouse over data points. Users can directly explore and research the data and view data by hospital, hospital type, and system affiliation via this interactive dashboard

Compendiums containing all unique hospital profiles are available for:

Please Note: The data used for these profiles is a compilation of payer and provider-submitted data sources, including hospital audited financial statements, hospital cost reports, hospital discharge data, and relative price data. For comparative purposes, acute hospitals are assigned to a cohort of similar hospitals: Academic Medical Centers (AMCs), teaching hospitals, community hospitals, and community-High Public Payer hospitals. For non-acute hospitals, the cohorts are defined by services provided, and include: psychiatric, rehabilitation, and chronic care. Specialty acute and non-acute hospitals are not identified with a distinct cohort.

Hospital Profiles Interactive Dashboard (Fiscal Years 2015-2019)


Public Payer Mix data updated March 22, 2021