What's New in Massachusetts Health Care

  • Hospital Profiles provide descriptive and comparative information on Massachusetts hospitals based on characteristics, services, payer mix, utilization trends, cost trends, financial performance, and quality. This edition includes an interactive dashboard that provides insight into the Massachusetts hospital industry.

  • CHIA’s 2018 Annual Report includes a calculation of statewide, per capita health care spending in comparison to the state’s cost growth benchmark, as well as other indicators used to assess the performance of the Massachusetts health care system.

  • This report concentrates on the top 10 therapeutic classes of drugs, as ranked by total expenditures incurred during fiscal year 2015. These classes accounted for 71.3% of pharmacy expenditures during that time period. In addition to presenting average costs by therapeutic class, the report contains detailed pages for each class, showing average costs for the top five most frequently prescribed drugs within the class.

  • CHIA has released an unprecedented amount of procedure price data through a public dataset in an effort to promote greater transparency in the Massachusetts health care system.

    See CHIA's two separate but related transparency initiatives.

  • The Commonwealth recently launched a new user-friendly health care transparency website that offers information to help Massachusetts residents be more actively engaged in, and make better decisions about their health care.  

    Visit the masscomparecare.gov website to learn more.

Link to Interactive Data and Analysis

Whether you’re a policymaker, insurer, health care provider, employer, or researcher, you can use CHIA’s online interactive tools and graphics to discover facts and information about the Massachusetts health care system.