Payer Data Reporting: Premiums Data

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Submission Deadline

  • These reports were due by Wednesday, September 14, 2022


M.G.L. c. 12C, § 10 requires the Center for Health Information and Analysis (“CHIA”) to report on changes over time in Massachusetts health insurance premiums, benefit levels, member cost-sharing, and product design.

CHIA collects this data under Regulation 957 CMR 10.00. The Data Submission Manual provides technical details to assist payers in reporting and filing data.  Only payers with at least 50,000 Massachusetts Private Commercial Plan members for the latest quarter as reported in CHIA’s most recently published Enrollment Trends are required to submit.

Filing Application

Links to the Data Submission Manual, Reporting Workbook, Frequently Asked Questions, and relevant regulations are found under "Report Resources" on the right of this page.



For questions regarding the content of the cost report or problems with submitting your cost report data, please email