Information for Data Submitters: Ambulance and Chair Car Service Cost Reports

2020 Report Resources

Submission Deadline

  • The 2020 Ambulance and Chair Car Service Cost Reports were due by July 22, 2021.


The Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA) is now collecting cost reports for the fiscal year (FY) 2020 from ambulance and chair car (a.k.a. wheelchair van) providers. 957 CMR 6.00. The reports are used by CHIA and other public entities for monitoring costs and for health care payment policy development.


What's New for the Ambulance and Chair Car Services Cost Report

For instructions on how to input Covid-19 related transports, revenue, and expenses, please see page 2 of the cost report instructions document.

Ambulance and chair car providers are required to submit the following:

  • FY20 Cost Report (INET)

  • FY20 Financial Statements


The reports are due no later than July 22, 2021.

CHIA will only accept cost reports in INET format. Financial statements should be emailed directly to CHIA in PDF format at Links to instruction documents are posted on this webpage. Please read all instructions carefully.

Ambulance and chair car service providers submit cost reports through INET, CHIA’s web-based transaction service. To register for CHIA-INET, each individual user filing for an organization must complete and sign a Business Partner Security Agreement Form, and complete a User Agreement for Other Providers. Please see CHIA Submissions and INET Questions and Answers for complete registration information.

Completed INET forms are be submitted to

For more information about INET, please see the Ambulance and Chair Care INET User Guide and INET Questions & Answers.


For questions regarding the content of the cost report or problems with submitting your cost report data, please email the Pricing Cost Reports Helpdesk at