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Please use the links below for specific information on how to submit data to CHIA by data type.

See also: CHIA Submissions and INET Questions and Answers (including registration and user agreement information) is designed to introduce these web-based transaction services to potential users.

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CHIA Submissions and INET Questions and Answers


What are CHIA Submissions and CHIA-INET?

This Q&A is designed to introduce CHIA Submissions and CHIA-INET to potential users. CHIA Submissions and CHIA-INET are web-based transaction services of the Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA). The language of the actual agreement form will govern the use of both CHIA Submissions and CHIA-INET. Data Submitters / users will utilize either CHIA Submissions or CHIA-INET depending on which data they are submitting. Filing instructions will state which system is required.


Who will use CHIA Submissions and CHIA-INET?

CHIA Submissions and CHIA-INET is available to all entities (Data Reporters) that file data with the Center for Health Information and Analysis. To register for CHIA Submissions or CHIA-INET, please complete and sign a Data Reporting Agreement. Individual User Agreements also need to be completed for each individual who will be filing data for your organization. The User Agreements identify the Data Reporter's particular employees or agents/contractors and the particular submissions to which each require access. The Data Reporter is given the opportunity to restrict the access of information to its employees by submission type.


Why does my entity have to use CHIA Submissions or CHIA-INET?

Electronic submission of information is a requirement for many CHIA filings. CHIA Submissions and CHIA-INET reduces administrative burden and saves time and money.


Do I need any special software programs?

If you are filing information that is aggregated to the organizational level (e.g., cost/financial/statistical reports), the file format is specified in the instructions. Additional software is not necessary. If you are filing patient-level data, CHIA will provide you with a program that will encrypt and decrypt all files containing patient-level information. When a Data Reporter attempts to link to CHIA Submissions or CHIA-INET and they do not have an upgraded browser, they will be prompted to the direct upgrade link.


What browsers are compatible with CHIA Submissions and CHIA-INET?

CHIA Submissions works best with CHROME, however Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) or Firefox may be utilized. CHIA-INET requires Internet Explorer 8 (IE8).
See: INET Compatibility View Settings - for users with Internet Explorer browsers (PDF)  | Word


What happens if I forget my CHIA Submissions or CHIA-INET user name and password?

You can receive another user name and password by calling 617-701-8100 or by emailing the Help Desk at Please supply your pass phrase and security information. The new information will be emailed to your account.


Is there a charge to use CHIA Submissions or CHIA-INET?

No. These is no charge to use of CHIA-INET and CHIA Submissions.


What if I need help once I start using CHIA Submissions or CHIA-INET?

Please call 617-701-8100 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday if you need assistance. You can also send an email to


Are there any limitations to when I can enter or send my data via CHIA Submissions or CHIA-INET?

Due to maintenance windows, the CHIA-INET system may be unavailable, from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m., Monday through Friday.


How long will CHIA Submissions or CHIA-INET remain open if I do not hit a key?

There is a 25-minute time-out when a user is online. If a user does not press a key for 25 minutes, he/she will be logged out and placed back at the sign-on screen. This means that any data being entered online that has not been saved will be LOST. Therefore, users should get the information ready before logging on, and be sure to SAVE information before going off or looking for information. Users can save data and reenter the online data screens many times until the data is actually submitted, so users should save data frequently during any session.


Do I need to formally register for CHIA Submissions or CHIA-INET

Yes, you must register for CHIA’s web-based transaction service. To register for CHIA-INET, each individual user filing for an organization must complete and sign a Business Partner Security Agreement Form, and complete a User Agreement for Insurance Carriers. Completed forms may be submitted to 


CHIA-INET User Agreement forms