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CHIA reports annually and quarterly on the financial performance of Massachusetts acute care hospitals.  As hospitals and their respective health systems evolve, CHIA has added financial information on hospital health systems, affiliated physician organizations, and affiliated health plan in its publications.

CHIA reports on trends in profitability, liquidity, and solvency metrics and also compares a hospital’s individual performance to its peer cohort. Acute hospitals are grouped into the following cohorts: Academic Medical Centers (AMCs), Teaching hospitals, Community hospitals, and Community-High Public Payer Hospitals (HPP).

Specialty hospitals are not considered a cohort but are included in the statewide medians. The databooks contain all of the variables that hospitals and hospital health systems filed.

The Acute Hospital Financial Performance Trends are hospital-specific and contain five year trend information on profitability, liquidity, and solvency metrics. For additional information, see technical resources.

FY 2016 Massachusetts Acute Hospital and Health System Financial Performance Report

Published August 31, 2017

Key Findings


  • The acute hospital statewide median total margin was 3.1%, which is a 0.7 percentage point decrease from the prior year.


  • In 2016, the majority of hospital health systems and hospitals were profitable. 


  • Acute hospitals tended to have higher total margins than the health systems with which they were associated.


  • Most affiliated physician organizations reported a loss.



Acute Hospital Financial Performance Reports

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FY 2016 Individual Hospital Trend Analysis
(FY 2012- FY 2016 Data)
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FY 2016 Individual Multi Acute Health System Profiles
Released 8/31/2017
FY 2016 Quarterly Updates


Data Through 12/31/2016
Released 3/27/2016
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Data Through 9/30/2016
Released 12/27/2016
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Data Through 6/30/2016
Released 9/28/2016
Updated 10/17/2016
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Data Through 3/31/2016
Released 6/29/2016
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FY 2015 Annual Report
Released 8/25/2016
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FY 2015 Acute Hospitals and Parent Organizations and Systems
Released 2/15/2017
FY 2015 Individual Multi Acute Health System Profiles
Released 4/15/2016

FY 2015 Quarterly Updates

Released 3/2016
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Released 12/2015
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Released 9/2015
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Released 6/2015
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FY 2014 Annual Report

Released 8/2015
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