CHIA Reports on Provider Price Variation in Massachusetts

DATE : May 31, 2019


CHIA today released its annual update of provider price variation in the commercial health insurance market, facilitating comparison of average provider prices. For the first time, CHIA is presenting relative price (RP) data in an interactive graphic, allowing users to explore different aspects of provider price variation in Massachusetts.

This update includes data through calendar year 2017 for acute care hospitals and calendar year 2016 for physician groups.

Key Findings:


  • In 2017, $9.6 billion was paid to acute care hospitals in Massachusetts for inpatient and outpatient services provided to patients with commercial insurance plans.
  • Academic Medical Centers received the largest amount of commercial payments statewide at 39.5%, while teaching hospitals received the lowest at 12.1%.
  • In 2016, $5.1 billion was paid to physician groups for services provided to patients with commercial insurance plans


This publication includes an executive summary and a display of interactive graphics on provider-specific statewide results, and is also accompanied by a databook, which includes detailed statewide and payer-specific relative price data.